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We value transparency and this page is its manifestation. Here we share everything we achieved within a year in the accurate language of numbers. Study the figures and follow our evolution from a brand-new programme to a complex endeavour connecting people and opportunities. 

We create this page together: each time you apply for a programme, win a grant, or select another EU country for a visit, it reflects on the website here. 

Make yourself comfortable and join the trip through everything we have achieved together throughout the existence of House of Europe.



In 2023, we kept supporting Ukrainians who continued doing the impossible even amidst the war. We backed those actively volunteering, doing business, restoring monuments, and creating a new culture for Ukraine and the entire world. Overall, 130+ organisations and 1,300+ people embraced our grants, stipends, and courses.

In our special project with the online magazine Platfor.ma, some change agents share their stories. 


We have issued EUR 1,500,000 to support Ukraine in times of war. 37 museums from Lviv, Odesa, and Kyiv, as well as Donetsk, Luhansk, Sumy, and Mykolaiv regions, received funding to protect their collections, while 404 professionals got stipends of EUR 1,000 to leave the active war zones, cover daily expenses, or continue working. In total, 94 organisations and 2,755 individuals were supported.

To find out how the first year of the full-scale Russian invasion went for us and our community, read Lyuk Media’s special project People That.


24 programmes were offered, bringing knowledge, international acquaintances, and inspiration to Ukrainians and citizens of the EU and the UK. We visited Dnipro with a Pop-up Hub and the House of Europe Festival, and finally set the Mobile Pavilion on the move — 6,718 people attended 97 events in Mykolaiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Visit our website to learn about the most memorable moments of the year humanity discovered live events and travelling anew.


House of Europe has launched, offering 24 programmes for 6 professional spheres: from culture and creative industries to health. We held 72 open calls to support 118 projects and 3,702 individuals. In times of crisis, we were the first in Ukraine to offer support to culture — in the month after the lockdown hit we issued emergency funds totalling EUR 800,000.

More on our launch during the COVID-19 pandemic: on the website.

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