Emergency war response

Emergency war response


We offer anticrisis opportunities for all six sectors we work with. Please find yourself on the list and apply. 

The list of opportunities is still incomplete: new support schemes for Ukrainian change agents and organisations are under development. Follow us on Facebook and Telegram and do not forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to be the first to know when new opportunities arrive.

Do you have an idea of how we can support Ukrainian professionals in times of war? Mail to ask@houseofeurope.org.ua.

For museums: support in saving their collections

We have supported the people risking their lives to save the unique cultural heritage in Ukraine. 25 museums from Lviv, Odesa, and Kyiv, as well as Donetsk, Luhansk, Sumy, and Mykolaiv regions received EUR 137,184 to protect their collections.


For Alumni Community: Emergency Stipends

258 members of our Alumni Community got EUR 1,000. Those who are safe and eager to get back to work can spend the stipends on renewing their activities. For those who have lost their jobs or even more, essentials like accommodation, food, medication, and fuel can be covered. 


For people and projects that have won our grants: redirection of funding

We have offered to professionals and organisations that won our grants and have not carried out their projects yet in full to spend the money on emergency support and withstanding the Russian aggression. Continuing the project as planned or updating it slightly is also an option.

For creative entrepreneurs: consultations with business experts

45 creative entrepreneurs adapted their businesses to war and ambiguity during personal consultations with experts. Participants also got an initial capital of EUR 1,000 to set up the changes.


For those volunteering in hot spots: individual protection

We support our partners involved in evacuations of citizens, safeguarding of cultural heritage, volunteering, and other life-saving operations across Ukraine. Their teams got 1,351 sets of protective and medical kits.

For NGOs — funding for significant initiatives

We have supported the construction of a centre for temporarily displaced people, the design of a database of Russian war crimes, the purchase of laptops for teachers from Mariupol and other significant projects. 12 organisations got the funding.


For everyone: compilations of anticrisis opportunities for Ukrainians

We keep on sharing the best opportunities for Ukrainians offered by organisations from the EU and all around the world. Anticrisis stipends, residencies, grants, and courses are gathered in our weekly newsletter. To find platforms with shelter and job opportunities, compilations of free books and contacts of psychologists, visit our Facebook and Telegram pages.

This is for you!

We connect people and opportunities

We support professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their EU colleagues. This encompasses 20+ programme lines managed by us and a constantly increasing database of the best opportunities offered by other European organizations. This is just the beginning: more opportunities, events and acquaintances are coming.

We are all over Ukraine

We are convinced that we should go where our support and information are needed the most: out in the regions. Organising Pop-Up Hubs, creative entrepreneurship in the regions is stimulated, whereas the Mobile Pavilion sets our concept on the move.


Our live updates in social networks

Be the first to know about new opportunities right next door or abroad. We tell you right away what is in store for you and how to go for it.

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