Zapravka initiative


Together with Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Ukrainian Institute House of Europe launch the initiative to integrate Ukrainian art residencies into the international context. We share our proficiency, professional contacts, and research to advance the residency scene. 


Researching for a more apt support

We aim to outline the residencies landscape in Ukraine and understand what kind of support they need. To define this, we conduct mapping and questionnaire surveys. The insights we gain become the blueprint for analytical articles and will help us design better programmes for Ukrainian art residencies.


Putting Ukrainian art residencies on the international map

We cooperate with the biggest art residencies database DutchCulture|TransArtists to enrich it with more Ukrainian residencies. We are here to consult you on drafting your profile for the website and to connect you with the platform. For emerging residencies, we have the mentions in news articles on TransArtists.


Advising art residencies in meeting the international standards

We will design a toolkit with a step-by-step guide to organising, promoting, and holding an art residency based on the insights we get from questionnaire surveys. For individual consultations you can always contact us or visit an art residency conference we schedule for 2022.


Making sure artists hop on the best residencies out there

We will stimulate the Ukrainian and international artists and arts managers to participate in the residencies: announce the most interesting offers and share tips on how to draft the documents to apply successfully.


Our live updates in social networks

Be the first to know about new opportunities right next door or abroad. We tell you right away what is in store for you and how to go for it.

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