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We reside in Kyiv, which means not all of you can come visit us. To make up for it, each year we set off to a big city with a Pop-up Hub.

Together with the team of a local creative hub, we open a temporary place where you can learn about the opportunities the EU has to offer to Ukrainians and meet fellow change agents. The Pop-up Hub lasts for a couple of weeks, culminating with the House of Europe Festival.



Discover opportunities for your advancement from the people who know them best

We will shed light on how opportunities offered by House of Europe, Creative Europe, Erasmus+, i-Portunus, the Goethe-Institut, The British Council, Institut français, Czech Centres, and other programmes allow you to visit the EU, get funding for a project or advance professionally. Each programme is presented by its manager: ask questions of a person who understands the programme and how it can help you in detail. 

Another highlight is the presentation of our opportunities catalogue, which is updated weekly with grants and programmes.


Personal consultations on grants and programmes, application, whatever

We will help you choose a grant, study programme, or camp to apply to and answer all the questions that arise along the way. Do not waste time on notes: we have printed guides with information on programmes and useful links.



A space for communication and relaxation

We create a cosy space with cushioned chairs to relax on, desks to work at, filter coffee to make yourself comfortable, and a curated library to discover something new. The library offers books on art and culture in Ukrainian and English, as well as European-printed magazines Kinfolk, Sleek, and NORK. Occasionally we turn the Pop-up Hub into a concert hall or a movie theatre hosting cultural events. 

Credit to Ukrainian architects Oleksandr Manukians and Yana Buchatska for designing the space.




Two days of creativity and entrepreneurship at the House of Europe Festival

The culmination of the Pop-up Hub is the House of Europe Festival. There will be lectures and personal consultations from Ukrainian and EU practitioners, new contacts among successful creative start-ups from all over Europe, networking, movie screenings, concerts, and parties. Learn more about the event at the House of Europe Festival web page.


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