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Kyiv is the home to our hub, but Ukraine is not only Kyiv. It is all of the different and unique towns and villages. We want them to partake in our projects too, so we went to the regions.

We hold pop-up hubs and mobile pavilions all over the country. They both promote creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation as the drivers of change by connecting active citizens with our opportunities, providing workshops, movie screenings, and concerts. 


Pop-up hubs

Once a year, we occupy a regional centre’s creative hub to connect with people. A pop-up hub is an info-point with a co-working, library, and lounge zone. Each day, the pop-up hub opens to connect visitors with our programmes, help with finding the right opportunity, and applying for it. In addition, there is an eventful month of workshops, lectures, meetings, movie screenings, concerts, and parties.

The final event of the pop-up hub is the House of Europe Festival with the best speakers from all around Ukrainian and EU, and a grand expo zone full of start-ups. We have already planned for this year’s festival, and it is exciting — check it out!

We will also organise boot camps for entrepreneurs in the sphere of creative and cultural industries during the pop-up hub. This will be an intense 5 days training in which you can turn your idea into a working business model. To participate, check out the boot camps programme page, and apply there.


Mobile pavilion

At least two times a year, in the warm seasons, we set out a pavilion in small and medium-sized Ukrainian towns. A pavilion is both an info-point and a modern architecture showpiece. Individuals can come around to discover our programmes and get guidance on the application process. Also, workshops, movie screenings, concerts, and a lot of casual chatting.


See you in the regions! 

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